آموزش تلفظ زبان چینی Fayin Mandarin Pronunciation


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در این قسمت از فروشگاه بزرگ منابع زبان انگلیسی کاردوآنلاین قصد داریم آموزش تلفظ زبان چینی Fayin Mandarin Pronunciation را به شما عزیزان عرضه کنیم.

Fayin Mandarin Pronunciation

Fayin: Mandarin Pronunciation is the first of a three-part Chinese multimedia language resource series on CD-ROM. The series is intended to enhance the teaching and learning of modern Chinese standard language (Mandarin) at beginner and intermediate levels. The series will comprise three user-friendly computer resource programs. Fayin includes an introduction that gives a brief account of Mandarin Chinese. Lessons provide instruction in all aspects of Mandarin phonetics. In addition to written explanations, there are also audio-visual displays that show learners how to shape their mouths to produce a sound accurately. Drills reinforce one’s knowledge of Mandarin phonetics, while tests give learners the opportunity to evaluate their understanding of Mandarin pronunciation. Users of this CD-ROM can explore various aspects of the language with the audio dictionary of Mandarin pronunciation, spelling and pronunciation techniques, and challenging tongue twisters.



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