Speaking English Fluently In A Week

آموزش ویدئویی Speaking English Fluently In A Week


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آموزش ویدئویی Speaking English Fluently In A Week را می توانید در این قسمت از فروشگاه بزرگ منابع زبان های خارجی کاردوآنلاین دریافت کنید.

مجموعه ی آموزش ویدئویی Speaking English Fluently In A Week یک دوره ی ویدئویی برای آموزش زبان انگلیسی است. این مجموعه در قالب یک دوره ی یک هفته ای در نظر گرفته شده است و مباحثی از قبیل اسپیکینگ، لیسنینگ، ریدینگ، رایتینگ، واژگان و گرامر را به شما آموزش می دهد. تمرین های متعدد و اساسی به منظور به حداکثر رساندن خروجی آموزش یکی دیگر از ویژگی های این مجموعه است.

Speaking English Fluently In A Week

With the knowledge that you will get from this course, you will be able to start and hold a conversation in English in 7 short days. The course covers the following topics:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Word Classes
  • Grammar

There is a video after each section that gives you a task that you should follow in order to maximize your knowledge of the section. The task is given in a step by step format so that you can easily follow it and more importantly, complete it.

There is also a bonus section which is includes a PDF file that shows the most commonly used 50 words in English. These are 50 words that you must surely know if you are to communicate successfully in English.

The course is presented in easy to understand terminology and allows students to take their knowledge of English to a higher degree of fluency and accuracy.

The course is given in a number of videos to cover each of the sections mentioned above. To watch the course videos, you will need roughly around an hour and a half. However, students are encouraged to take an active role throughout the course, by taking down notes and participating in the tasks given amongst other activities.

If you believe that you are ready to take your English speaking fluency to the next level, then this is the course for you. The content covered in this course will ensure that you are able to communicate better, more fluently and with a higher degree of success with others in your daily life.


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