مجموعه ی آموزش آلمانی Start German Jump Start


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Product Description

در این قسمت از فروشگاه بزرگ منابع زبان های خارجی کاردوآنلاین می توانید مجموعه ی آموزش آلمانی Start German Jump Start را دریافت کنید.

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Start German Jump Start

Designed to lay the foundation for language development, JumpStart Languages introduces kids ages 3 to 6 to the sounds, words, and phrases of four different cultures and languages: Spanish, French, Japanese, and English. Listen & Learn Language Buddies introduce kids to music and lyrics, art, colors and numbers, vocabulary for everyday objects, conversational phrases, and cultural stories and characters. Users can also view video footage of landmarks and kids from different cultures around the world.


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